Disability Denials


Many of us obtain disability insurance to provide us with replacement income should we become ill or injured to the extent that we can no longer work.   While you may feel more secure knowing you have disability insurance coverage, those who become disabled sometimes find themselves disputing their entitlement to benefits with their insurance company.

Your insurance company may deny your claim based on:

  • Their opinion that you are not ill or injured, or not to the extent that you claim, or
  • Their opinion that you misrepresented some key piece of information on your application, which voids your insurance contract.

Some injuries may be more difficult to prove to your insurance company than others.  For example, disabilities involving chronic pain and psychological trauma may be easier for your insurance company to dispute than a spinal cord injury resulting in paraplegia.

At Girones Bourdon Kelly Lawyers, we have the experience necessary to negotiate with your insurance company to secure the disability benefits to which you are entitled.  In some cases, this might require that you produce additional medical evidence.  In other circumstances, you may need to sue your insurance company.

If your insurance company’s denial of your disability benefits has caused you some specific harm (for example, you lost your home because you were unable to make your mortgage payments), you may be able to sue the insurance company for the damages that you suffered in addition to the benefits that you are owed.

There are limitation periods that apply to claims for disability insurance, so always consult your insurance lawyer as soon as possible to protect your legal rights.  At Girones Bourdon Kelly Lawyers, we will look out for your legal and financial interests so that you can concentrate on your recovery.